This is pretty much every bit of descriptive writing I have committed to a server in the last fifteen years … except my extensive travel writing which is in a dedicated blog here.

Included herein are these gems:

  • What happens when you have a heart attack at 62 with no health insurance? I did my research and went to Istanbul for open heart surgery, aka The Serious Trip to Istanbul.
  • How a free follow-up sonogram led me back to Istanbul for an expensive day at the hospital then six days of fun that became ten days of fun when Hurricane Sandy closed the east coast, aka The Fun Trip to Istanbul. [This is in my travel blog.]
  • After eleven relatively low-drama years I’m having a flurry of medical issues and hospitalizations in the time of COVID-19. It sucks. I had to get a Pacemaker installed, and at more or less the same time minor right ankle soreness escalated to an operation for ruptured achilles repair. So I showed up at St Mary’s Hospital for two operations in three weeks … in the time of COVID. Not awesome!

I have other web things in other places:

  • My very extensive travel blog. All this travel is in the USA except for those magical ten days in Istanbul mentioned above.
  • My even more extensive travel website, Pictures, customized maps, travel logs, pages for every place I have camped since 2009.
  • I am fully retired. I no longer take the Home Office tax deduction, which proves it!
    But for kicks my old resume may still be found here.
    All that notwithstanding, f you have a bit of PHP/MySQL/Wordpress/Bootstrap work you need done I would love to talk about it!
  • My old website – – is still around. It’s kind of an extended resume and summary of my life circa 2007. There are some fun old pics in the Galleries section.