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end game

Thursday Wednesday was kind of tiring.  I chose a route that required a lot of driving, but it was through the most interesting landscapes you can imagine – sometimes these southern Utah landscapes really do verge on the unimaginable.  And I ended up having a really nice evening.  I had been in a rodent-induced spiral […]

mouse in the house!

I’ve returned from exploring Marble in the gathering dusk.  I’m back at the campsite sittin on my cooler messing around on this very laptop, probably working on this very blog, when I catch a movement out of the corner of my eye, and EEK!  it’s a mouse!! in my van!!! In my imagination this cannot […]


At the south end of Grand Tetons National Park is a new Visitor Center with cool exhibits and wifi!  The first connectivity I’ve had in 4 days.   Also has a giant traffic jam to watch a moose stand in a stream about a half mile away. Jackson Wy is just so hippin’ happenin’ and busy […]


Twice in the last decade I’ve visited Yellowstone for a few hours — enter on one side, catch a few geysers and mud pits and maybe a canyon or two, then head out the other side.  But this time I plan to stay a few days and really enjoy the place.  Now I can tell […]


Really beautiful country up here.  The drive last night and this morning was lovely – up the Salmon River, then over through the Nez Perce battle country to Montana fly fishing country…  Lovely, but there sure is a lot of it.  I’ve spent about $580 on fuel and I’m only about halfway done.  $4/gallon diesel […]


Wednesday I avail myself of the campground’s nice shower in the morning, because you never know when you’ll have access to another shower. [in this case it turned out to be a very long time!].  Up the hill, around the bend and boom!  stunning beauty smacks me right in the face!  The road snakes southward […]

now for the vacation part of the trip

Saturday, Sunday = Edgefield When I’m in the Portland metroplex doing my van thing I always take I-205 (the Portland beltway) to get from here to there in the burbs, but today I’m in no hurry and it’s Saturday, and 205 always sucks, so I decide to go overland.  There is a Trader Joe’s in […]

Fall 11, get myself going

You’d think I’d know better by now, but … I got so excited about leaving tomorrow that I partied way too hard tonight.  With the sad result that I was shockingly hung over on Tuesday morning … a self-inflicted bad start to an all-around horrible day as it would prove to be. I zombied my […]