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Springtime in Nevada

Friday For most of April I have been poised and ready to do a little road trip, but the springtime weather has extra-unsettled, so I’ve been in a little holding pattern waiting for a likely time, which finally …  is today, Friday 4/27! Finally, this morning was different from the last three weeks of mornings. […]

Fall 11, get myself going

You’d think I’d know better by now, but … I got so excited about leaving tomorrow that I partied way too hard tonight.  With the sad result that I was shockingly hung over on Tuesday morning … a self-inflicted bad start to an all-around horrible day as it would prove to be. I zombied my […]

Spring Break!

Well, I’m traveling again, and here on the first night out I find myself parked at a cold and very windy pull-off 40 feet off of California 120, about 3 steep miles from US 395 and Lee Vining.  It’s dark and 7pm, and I have nothing better to do than to take up this blog […]

101215 – weather comin’

Well, the six day forecast from three days ago was pretty much wrong about its second half. It appears that I am going to meet up with weather by the end of today. I have driven this thing in snow successfully. Last December, on the way back to Reno after picking it up in Oregon, […]

101212 – Mountain Time

So, after a lovely interlude in the Davis Mountains, back to another 40 miles of I-10 to the un-lovely town of Van Horn (Nevadans think Battle Mountain level of unattractive-ness), where I needed to find diesel and hoped to find some food before heading off into the wilds of New Mexico.  I did fill up, […]

101210 – West Texas

My Austin experience wasn’t as epic as I had hoped for it to be.  This was entirely my fault and not Austin’s, I think.  I’m still kinda sick and low-energy, and I arrived at just the wrong time in terms of Kurt’s work schedule.  I got here on Tuesday night, and his weekend is Monday […]

101205 – East Texas

My walmart wasn’t much to look at, but it had the most important ingredient, an edge looking out on nature. So I am able to angle the van into a nice view of scrub oaks and grass and pretend I’m not where I am.  I awoke to the sound of a raven convention on my […]

101203 – Louisiana, home of the drive-thru daiquiri stand

I followed the road right next the Gulf until I ran out of Mississippi.   As usual I angled around on the side roads trying to avoid the interstate, and I got the good and the bad of it today. On the good side, I followed a bumpy little county road around the corner of a […]

101201 – Gulfport

Big Biloxi was rather pedestrian as campgrounds go.  There was a mandatory $6 surcharge for electrical hookup, to pay for having the whole place re-wired after Hurricane Katrina.  I think the point of this place is to provide old folks escaping from the snow a place to park the trailer and drive 20 miles to […]

101130 – Florida Panhandle

I loved this stretch of country last time I was through here and I loved it again this time! My friend Dan called it the Redneck Riviera, and I can’t argue with that either. It’s called the Big Bend around here. It’s the bump on the Florida Panhandle directly below the Georgia-Alabama border (also where […]