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Portland and heading home

afternoon 9 – finally, the Outsidevan folks and I are done with each other.  I’ve written all the checks I need to write, we took another day and a half to pin down more of the details, and finally have done all we can do for the moment.   So back in the truck, and take […]

decision day(s)

morning 7 (Tuesday, Sept 1) – breakfast at the Grand Hotel, feeling very civilized, then off to the suburbs of the big city of Portland.  Here we come Lake Oswego and Outsidevan. I am stressed. day 7 – meet Erik and start the exhausting process of configuring my van.  After months of thinking about Sprinters […]

coastal Oregon

Night 4 – Whittaker CG BLM – A shabby campground in a shabby forest along a shabby creek, but I lucked into a really spacious campsite and a good time. It is after all Saturday night!  There was a chubby little girl on her chubby little bike, riding around and around and around the loop […]

central oregon

Day 3 – Drove onward to Oakridge Or, which is such a run-down hillybilly-looking town that it gives me living-in-Kentucky, Appalachian flashbacks. My hard-luck motel did have decent internet and a shower which was mighty welcome after three days. The good ole inter-web told me that there was an actual hot spring a mere eight […]

Heading to Lake Oswego

(I am writing this series about a year after the event, pulling the content from memories evoked by the photos and from my journal, but I want make them to tie together the map and the pictures) Night 1 – Eagle Lake – Pretty expensive campground ($20) considering I only used it as a parking […]