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August 2012

This year’s Escape Reno Heat adventure is kind of disjointed so far.  I had these items on the agenda: get my 30,000 mile van service visit Martha vacate in somewhere cool (as in not hot) drop by Van Specialties for some minor repairs(*) So far I’ve done 1 and 2, uttterly FAILED on 3, and […]

Springtime in Nevada

Friday For most of April I have been poised and ready to do a little road trip, but the springtime weather has extra-unsettled, so I’ve been in a little holding pattern waiting for a likely time, which finally …  is today, Friday 4/27! Finally, this morning was different from the last three weeks of mornings. […]

101201 – Gulfport

Big Biloxi was rather pedestrian as campgrounds go.  There was a mandatory $6 surcharge for electrical hookup, to pay for having the whole place re-wired after Hurricane Katrina.  I think the point of this place is to provide old folks escaping from the snow a place to park the trailer and drive 20 miles to […]

101119 – Florida

Many things change as soon as you cross the state line into Florida.  I am at a campground a little southwest of the Okefenokee Swamp, on a freshwater lake called Ocean Pond.   The sand is that small-grained whitish Gulf sand, not the big grained yellow-ish Atlantic sand.  There are at least four campsites that appear […]

101103 – Chapel Hill

Ekim’s name is of course really Mike.  That was a grade school thing, the kind of humor that appeals to 10 year old boys.  He’s got a lovely house in the woodsy burbs of Chapel Hill, which I have visited on each of my epic trips of the last eleven years. It’s one of those […]

101028 – DC

Spent the night in my reasonably quiet Walmart parking lot with at least ten flies in my van. That’s how many I can see right now while typing this. I think I got all the mosquitoes during the last leg of my drive yesterday, trapping the little bastards in the corner of the windshield – […]

101016 – off the grid in Vermont

Dave took me along on his Saturday errands.  First we visited his sailboat, up in drydock for the winter.  It was very interesting, especially now that I have the van and have many of the same issues as him, propane system, electrical system, water system, removable tables, inverters, etc.   We toured the quaint New England […]

101013 – New England

It’s soooo easy to stay at Tony and Joyces’  forever, because it is so comfortable and they are so welcoming, but I finally tore myself away to visit that most iconic of Massachusetts destinations, Cape Cod.  It was a really pretty day, made moreso since a pretty big storm is forecast for tomorrow. I took […]

101007 – Reunion vortex

In the recurring theme department, in the aftermath of every reunion I’ve attended I feel that I have horribly mismanaged my time and missed many opportunities.  I think this is a manifestation of my chronic FMS syndrome (Fear of Missing Something).  The critique goes like this: For the events I do attend, I should’ve been […]