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Finally, the coast!

Tuesday night So… this campground – Castle Rock – is a tents-only campground.  It comprises a parking lot, a pit toilet and a big grassy field, and that’s it.  A rollicking family picnic is going on around a cluster of tents on the far side of the field – not scary or creepy I am […]

August 2012

This year’s Escape Reno Heat adventure is kind of disjointed so far.  I had these items on the agenda: get my 30,000 mile van service visit Martha vacate in somewhere cool (as in not hot) drop by Van Specialties for some minor repairs(*) So far I’ve done 1 and 2, uttterly FAILED on 3, and […]

Springtime in Nevada

Friday For most of April I have been poised and ready to do a little road trip, but the springtime weather has extra-unsettled, so I’ve been in a little holding pattern waiting for a likely time, which finally …  is today, Friday 4/27! Finally, this morning was different from the last three weeks of mornings. […]

Fall 11, get myself going

You’d think I’d know better by now, but … I got so excited about leaving tomorrow that I partied way too hard tonight.  With the sad result that I was shockingly hung over on Tuesday morning … a self-inflicted bad start to an all-around horrible day as it would prove to be. I zombied my […]

San Diego and snow

Today I finally caught up with the wildflowers!  I decamped from Oak Grove and headed for Anza Borrego State Park.  The high valley (3,500′) around Warner Springs was covered in little yellow flowers.  That turned out to be the most dramatic display of the day.  I breakfasted at the Warner Springs golf course, another little […]

Spring Break!

Well, I’m traveling again, and here on the first night out I find myself parked at a cold and very windy pull-off 40 feet off of California 120, about 3 steep miles from US 395 and Lee Vining.  It’s dark and 7pm, and I have nothing better to do than to take up this blog […]

101215 – weather comin’

Well, the six day forecast from three days ago was pretty much wrong about its second half. It appears that I am going to meet up with weather by the end of today. I have driven this thing in snow successfully. Last December, on the way back to Reno after picking it up in Oregon, […]

101212 – Mountain Time

So, after a lovely interlude in the Davis Mountains, back to another 40 miles of I-10 to the un-lovely town of Van Horn (Nevadans think Battle Mountain level of unattractive-ness), where I needed to find diesel and hoped to find some food before heading off into the wilds of New Mexico.  I did fill up, […]

101210 – West Texas

My Austin experience wasn’t as epic as I had hoped for it to be.  This was entirely my fault and not Austin’s, I think.  I’m still kinda sick and low-energy, and I arrived at just the wrong time in terms of Kurt’s work schedule.  I got here on Tuesday night, and his weekend is Monday […]

101205 – East Texas

My walmart wasn’t much to look at, but it had the most important ingredient, an edge looking out on nature. So I am able to angle the van into a nice view of scrub oaks and grass and pretend I’m not where I am.  I awoke to the sound of a raven convention on my […]