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100624 – meadow, Modoc NF

Back in the high desert.  And I am reminded again, that much as I love the people and social environment of Reno, the physical environment is quite hard on my body.  I went from wet to dry yesterday, from a little lake with thick vegetation and humidity in the Oregon Cascades, to a huge dry […]

100623 – Summer Lake Hot Springs

Dang Summer Lake is long!  Planning my day I thought maybe I’d spend the night in Bend, but once there I just didn’t feel like it, so I decided to press on to the hot springs. I drove through Bend, and it was every bit the happenin, hipster-rich nexus of self-satisfied outdoorsy coolness that always […]

100622 – Lookout CG, Blue Lake OR

Pretty fun day.  Got up, fiddled with this blog, then left my lovely spot to go find the next lovely spot.  My route took me past Detroit Dam and the Detroit Lake, and thus the town of Detroit Lake.  There was a likely little diner there that shocked me completely by having wifi!   This was […]

100621 – Elkhorn Valley CG (BLM)

Mornings at adult Disneyland are perhaps even more soul-satisfying than evenings – tasty pastries at the gift shop, and free coffee 24/7 at the front desk!  So this morning I read today’s Oregonian on the front porch, hit the hot pools one more time (lovely little goldfinches when there aren’t people to scare them away), […]

100620 – Edgefield … again …

Well, it’s the bane of my traveling existence – the weekend.  The time when everything is a little more crowded and annoying that it otherwise would be.  I never really knew what I was going to do with myself after the van repairs had been accomplished – I knew I would take a few days […]

100619 Herman’s Creek CG

Here in the peace and quiet of Herman’s Creek Campground, I’ve been breaking down in my head which van features have turned out to be essential, and which others less so.  So here is a rank-ordering of the importance of the expensive gee-gaws I signed up for. rank-order of the features I need In typical […]

100618 Edgefield

I have a little self-control issue at Edgefield, like the proverbial kid in a candy store if you substitute beer for candy.  This particular night, the problem is a little worse than usual:  Game 7, Lakers-Celtics at 6pm on the tvs in the pool hall and a live band (also at 6pm) on the lawn […]

100617 – gettin’ my stuff done

What a clusterf–k of a day! But I did get all my stuff done and everyone was very nice. Here’s the summary: I am awakened 8-ish by the van guys coming to work.  I hand over the keys and clear out.  I did not sleep well at all; I kept turning over and wondering if […]

100616 – heading to Lake Oswego

There really is not much to Sisters other than faux-Western store fronts and high-end shopping opportunities – kinda like downtown Truckee, except even more useless.  The designer footwear store has a little counter for coffee drinks and muffins in the front of the store … so that’s breakfast. I am supposed to get my ass […]

100615 – Sisters OR Municipal CG

This really is a new style of living for me.  Heck, let’s call it a lifestyle! So far I like it very much. The plan was to look for a spot in the National Forest on the other side of Sisters OR, but as I entered Sisters I saw this sweet little city-run campground in […]