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the van

My first day back in Reno with the dream-mobile, and already life seems more complicated: Prospective condo-buyers want to see the place, so I have re-tidy it (having littered the place with van manuals and other road trip detritus) and be absent by 10am. An hour before I left van-land, they helpfully told me that […]

thanks giving

I am off to Oregon to get my camper van next week! The imminence of actually having to deal with parking that sucker has finally gotten me in gear to start the process of selling my condo.   As per my plan, I’ve done a pretty good job of de-cluttering over the last coupla months – […]

gettin’ the camper van

Half Full report: I started the process of getting the camper van of my dreams last month, to be completed next month. Half Empty report: I drove up to Oregon, wrote a very big check to a guy I’d never met before, … to buy a delivery van that won’t  fit in my garage, … […]

almost eight weeks

(I had so much fun yakking about my health, but with luck there won’t be much more of that to yak about in the future, so this is your notice that I will be more and more yakking about just random stuff in my life) I’ve been home almost six weeks, and I have been […]