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1 Introduction to Comp 110
Overview of the world of computers in 2004.  What is an operating system?  Quick tour of hardware components.  World wide web and networking.  How this course should change every year (five years ago: "this is a mouse", now: assume all have an e-mail address and know how to use a GUI).
Why you should care about DOS.  DOS history.  Windows command shell. Introduction to files and directories, path syntax.  Simple DOS commands.  Wildcards.  Environment variables.
3,4,5 Windows and the Office Suite
Windows history, development on top of DOS.  What is the Office Suite?  Competitors.  Command line interface (CLI) vs. graphical user interface (GUI).  Desktop metaphor.  Importance and benefits of standardized user interface across applications.  Tour of the Windows desktop, standard icons, buttons, menus, keyboard shortcuts.  Remember the right mouse button - context menus.  Windows Explorer, relating Explorer capabilities - drag-drop or copy-paste files - to DOS commands we learned last week.
6,7,8 Microsoft Word and word processing
What is Word?  Simple example.  Tour of the Word interface.  More on interface standards in menus, toolbars, dialogs, and keyboard shortcuts.  Clipboard.  Printing.  Character formatting, paragraph formatting.  Format painter.  Introduction to styles.  Templates and wizards.
9,10 Microsoft Excel and spreadsheets
What is Excel?  Spreadsheet history.  Consistency of interface with Word and other Office Suite applications.  Some examples.  Formulas.  Cell manipulation.  Cell ranges.  Charting and graphing.  The drawing toolbar.  Interoperability of the Office Suite.
11 Unix and Linux
History of Unix and Linux.  Philosophy of Unix (CLI) vs. Windows (GUI).  Creating a Linux account, logging on, changing password.  Simple Linux commands.  Compare with DOS - environment variables, wildcards, back slash vs. forward slash.  Renaissance of Unix/Linux as web server OS, mean time between failures (MTBF).
12,13,14 Networks and the Internet
Networking concepts.  TCP/IP and IP addresses.  DOS commands for networking - PING, TRACERT, IPCONFIG.  What is a router?  Home network admin. 
History of the Internet.  World-wide web and the hyperlink.  What is a browser?  Client-server architecture.  Anatomy of a URL, consistency with DOS/Unix path syntax.
Anatomy of a web page.  Introduction to HTML - syntax, page structure, common elements.  Anatomy of a web site.  Default pages.  Introduction to Microsoft FrontPage.
15 Microsoft Access, Databases and SQL
What is a database?  Comparison to spreadsheet.  Database history.  Current marketplace, from Oracle to MySQL.  A simple database example, introduction to SQL. 
Introduction to Access.  Using the wizards to create a database.  The switchboard.  The Table object - Design view versus Edit view.  Query object, Form object and Report object.  The Relationship window.