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These are galleries I created a while ago. No database is involved.

  • I have a PHP script to generate my thumbnails which I used for years, but now that I'm a Mac guy I organize my images in iPhoto. So now I simply mark the pictures I want and export them twice; once at full size and once at thumbnail size.
  • The Raw (unnamed) Galleries are simple, raw directories of images and thumbnails.
  • The Named Galleries are raw galleries with an associated array of properties (title, path, special template...) keyed on the directory name.
  • I'm using a table-less layout for the image galleries and in general unless I'm showing a ... table. Each thumbnail is a <LI> that floats to the left; the whole collection is contained in a <UL>. I was using <DIV>s, but in looking around, it seems that <UL><LI> is the more popular style. I'm not sure why; maybe it expresses intent better? ... and it comes with its own container element, the <UL> ... hey maybe I do know why!
Thank you!