Welcome to Cloudyhands

Our primary skill at cloudyhands is back end programming.

We have associated designers if you need a website design. We will be delighted to host your site or help you secure a domain name if you need those services. But backend services are what we do best.

If you do e-commerce, if there is a submit button anywhere on your site, if you have a calendar, or a classified ads section, or a "what's new" section, or image galleries or other kind of data driven pages, then you need back end services.

In overview, back end services are:

  • database design and implementation - We use MySQL.
  • server-side scripting - We use PHP.
  • client-side scripting - We use JQuery.

We can set you up with a Content Management System (CMS). We'll build your site as a Wordpress site, enabling you to use the Wordpress admin area to manage your content. The vast selection Wordpress templates and add-ons will be at your disposal.

We can set you up to do e-commerce (CMS). We'll build your site as a Zen Cart site, so you can use the admin area to manage your products and manage your content. Zen Cart also has a vast selection templates and add-ons.

We think the future of the web in the cloud. We are developing state of the art technologies for managing Google Documents and Google Maps.

Thank you!