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design templates –> better CSS

Back in the day, I was able to convince my bosses to pay for me to take design courses, and it turns out I was pretty creative and had a good design sense.  I actually preferred doing it to programming as a way to spend my working day, but computer programming paid a hell of a lot more, and there was a constantly expanding pool of jobs.   At the Census Bureau they were always creating new programmer positions, but for the talented few in the Graphics shop, somebody literally had to die for them to advance in their government career.

Pretty much every job in my resume was visually oriented – user interfaces, charts and graphs, CAD – but it was always straight-up programming.  Fast forward thirty(!!) years later, and there is this thing called the web which seemed to promise that I could finally merge my two interests.   But sadly, my start-from-scratch web designs have kinda sucked.  My old home page is OK; not horrble, but certainly not sparkling enough for me to suggest with a straight face that you should hire me to design your site.

As part of my recent explosion of technical energy, I decided to differientate my serious web professional site from my express-myself site, and this time it occurred to be to look around for free site designs.

And thus I found … Free CSS Templates which turned out to really get me going:

  1. I finally had nice, clean designs to start with, which I could then modify with my alleged good taste :)
  2. The CSS is mostly well organized and modifying it is a great way to learn how to really tame it for your own uses.
  3. Now that I am into it, the organization of their 2, 3, 4 panel grid layouts turn out to be perfect vehicles for my WFUFU ideas.
  4. The clean id and class hierarchy of the page elements is perfectly suited to controlling them with JQuery.