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what is W H U F U ?

Well, it started with started with a simple desire to show off my vacation pix and stories, and is morphing into something more exciting to me.  And oddly, the heart attack saga is echoing positively through my life in yet another way.

pix and stories … and maps … and videos … and ….

Ever since my first cross-county road trip with a digital camera and a laptop, I have been fascinated with the idea of how to present all the data I generate to convey the idea of being there.

  • 2000 – the presentation from this trip was trailing-edge – an HTML-ized spreadsheet with links to pictures and stories, minimal formatting, no database.
  • 2002 – I spent a lot of the endless driving time thinking about this, and the result was actually quite cool (IMO :). I hand-drew my route on a public domain US map.  Story presentation is still primitive, but the picture presentation is pretty awesome.  I built a back-end admin, so I could categorize each picture with a place, a date, and any number of keywords.  More than one place in a day perhaps, more than one day in the same place for sure, and as maybe keyword cross-links as you could handle.

That was my last really epic trip, but I go on a lot of smaller trips, and I always have the camera and the laptop, and nowadays quite frequently I have internet, with which I update a google map of my progress every few days. But there was just never any time to organize it all…

Early last year my (relatively) biggest moneymaker client stopped calling. I think they kinda went in a different direction, and they were kinda just tired of me, but in any event they stopped calling. Not too long after that my Major Mind Share was consumed with the whole heart attack/heart operation saga, but finally this fall life had slowed down enough that I was beginning to get annoyed with myself for spending all day on the ole laptop with nothing accomplished to show for it.

So I started taking another swing at the whole presentation idea. Maps are now google maps, stories are now wordpress pages/posts, pictures are still pictures, movies weren’t even in the picture before. But how to organize it all? In other words, where the f— is it? or … WHUFU?

generating my own content

Writing those health blogs really opened me up, here at this late stage of my life.  They felt good to write, but I was pretty surprised at how much folks liked them, and all the compliments I got on them.

below still under construction…

with that positive writing experience, it occurred to me that I could document and describe the new things that I am learning, thus these tech notes.

decades of information presentation jobs, finally applied to my own content!