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random emails June-July 09

to Jason Linkins (Huffpost media blogger)  7/16/7

Subject: more old boomer sh-t

I’m sure you’re going to get to it anyway, but Maddow’s facedown with Buchanon today was for the ages.

she was telling him he was stuck in the 50’s – which mad him mad because he said he was stuck in the 60’s :)))))

but it reinforces a narrative I put out to you a week ago on something else (which I forget), namely that the committee Republican’s and their completely un-self-conscious racism to Sotomayor is just more old Boomer shit (or in this case maybe, pre-Boomer)

to generalize:   much of the Obama-hate is old boomer shit that Obama, as a well recognized part of his platform explicitly said he was over and past and was not going to devote any energy to fighting either way.   I am of their generation, and I can see it all.   The kids look at them like f–ing relics and they don’t even understand.

I mean, the Senators are just saying the stuff that was funny back at the fraternity at Ole Miss or whatever in the 60’s, and they still think it’s funny and perfectly legitimate to say out loud (“mainstream” people all did it!)  and they don’t particularly give a shit if you don’t like it.

drunken emailing again…

Subject:     abortion, etc.

Date:     July 15, 2009 12:12:56 PM PDT

What I would really like to see today….

It has been well established that Sotomayer is going to get confirmed, so wouldn’t it be cool if she just came out and said what she really thinks about women’s issues and such without the usual pussyfooting.

c’mon, just spit it out, establish a new precedent, namely saying what you actually believe about something.

Subject:     hunter creek trail

Date:     July 6, 2009 12:52:07 PM PDT


1.  I think this is a WONDERFUL idea, no matter what the route.

2. I am a downtown guy, so I much prefer the Hunter Creek route.

3. WHERE THE HECK IS the Hunter Creek Trail??  I have followed street maps to the Steamboat Ditch and beyond, where I get lost in a welter of new housing construction and big trucks (yuck), with NO clue as to where to park or how to start the trail.  I’ve tried like three different times over my fours years of living here and just cannot find it!

4. I think it’s an effing CRIME that the City/County issues building permits for these miles of McMansions without requiring them to plan parking and right-of-way for the PUBLIC to have PUBLIC access to the PUBLIC lands beyond their little fences.   When I moved here and realized that I was looking at a beautiful national forest from my house with no easy way to get to that forest due to the unbroken line of rich-people fences and unpleasant attitudes on parking, I was dumbfounded by the cluelessness of the Reno planners.


p.s. your email address is ridiculous to the point of being downright rude.  One would think you don’t want comments with an address like that.

Subject:     PLEASE go back to your regular program this week!

Date:     June 28, 2009 3:14:56 PM PDT

enough with the Michael Jackson already.  It’s over, dead is dead.

Your network has wallowed in it for enough days.  please go back to what got you here, giving us that progressive viewpoint on the IMPORTANT national events.

lose the dead people homages, pulllleazzze.

Subject:     Joe Scarborough Book, “The Last Best Hope,” Debuts At #7 On NYT Best Sellers List

Date:     June 22, 2009 9:48:04 AM PDT

so Jason,

How high could you get your new book on the NYT Best Sellers List if you had your own show, with your name on it and you could pimp the book nonstop for a cool 15 hours a week on a major cable channel?

Subject:     you have finally lost me

Date:     June 19, 2009 2:05:55 PM PDT

Ever since the decade I spent in DC (81-91) you have been my favorite newspaper.   The cred you got from the Watergate days has carried you as number one in my heart all the way until today.

The first erosion in my faith was of course the run-up to the Iraq war, when the country so needed independent voices questioning the direction of the country, which was so clearly wrong-headed to little ole me in the suburbs of California.  What did we get from you? regurgitated neocon talking points, barely digested in fact, simply received and recycled as “news”.  You actually amplified the drumbeat to war, when your clear function should have been to step back and examine it rather than cheerlead for it.

But somehow, the last few weeks, where you seem to have positioned yourselves as the loyal opposition to every good thing Obama is trying to do, have finally caused me to push the “bozo button” on you.   I still love your coverage of the Redskins and your great stable of sports writers, but when it comes to the Real World, I will no longer look hopefully towards you for guidance on anything, because you have for my purposes become corrupt and empty.

– acting like Climate change denier George Will does not in fact willfully distort facts on your pages with your full support.
– Charles Krauthammer – please!   Has that guy ever been right about anything in his stunted little life?
– firing Froomkin – was it too much to have even one voice of progressive thought in your dreary “center right” pages?

so, sorry to say it, but you all suck and I am finally over you.

You can f—ing go out of business for all I care, you deserve to have your lunch eaten by TPM and Huffpost.

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